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5 Sustainable Maternity Fashion Tips: Eco-friendly Nursing Clothes and More

When you’re pregnant, you’ll do anything just to get ready for the arrival of your little one. Part of wanting the best for our babies is raising them in a world that is free from pollution, waste and harmful chemicals. 

With climate change and all the crises happening in our environment, more and more mums are looking into starting an eco-friendly lifestyle as their own way of helping the world go green. Part of this lifestyle is committing to ethical and sustainable fashion. 

From repurposing old clothes to completely moving away from shopping fast fashion, more mums are making simple eco-conscious decisions to reduce their fashion footprint.

If you’re planning to build a sustainable maternity wardrobe, here are a few tips to help you get started. 


Choose eco-friendly nursing clothes

You can still use your old clothes and repurpose them during your pregnancy. However, your body also changes so you might need to invest in maternity clothing. As you shop, be on the lookout for eco-friendly maternity wear that is ethically manufactured and made with organic fabrics like linen. 

Linen clothing is your best option if you want to have a sustainable wardrobe. It’s versatile and can be worn all year round. This means you know you’re investing in quality clothing that you can rely on not only during pregnancy but all throughout your motherhood journey. 

At Kate Douglas Maternity, we only use high-quality linen and linen-blend fabrics for our maternity pieces. We chose linen because it’s durable and long-lasting, and we want to make sure that you can wear our items during and after pregnancy. We believe that linen isn’t only about being luxurious, it’s also an eco-friendly and sustainable choice that inspires timeless beauty.

Invest in trans seasonal and multipurpose clothing

When it comes to buying maternity clothes, invest in pieces that you can use for the majority of the year. For instance, you can buy a jumpsuit that’s perfect for summer and can be worn with a shirt underneath in cooler weather. 

Buying multipurpose maternity clothing is also a great way to start a sustainable lifestyle. If you are buying maternity wear, look for nursing tops, bottoms and dresses that you can use during pregnancy, for breastfeeding and beyond. 

The next time you shop it’s good to ask yourself, “Can this maternity clothing be worn long term or is this going to go out of style in just a few months?" By filling your wardrobe with trans seasonal and multipurpose pieces, you’ll end up saving more money and buying fewer clothes which is great for the environment. 

Choose quality over quantity

With all the expenses that come with being pregnant, we tend to sacrifice the quality of our clothing in exchange for cost savings.

Instead of buying a lot of fast fashion maternity wear, why not invest in slow fashion pieces? Slow fashion brands like Kate Douglas Maternity are committed to creating classic, versatile and sustainably produced clothes to help reduce the textile waste in our landfills. Instead of mass-producing cheap and low-quality garments, slow fashion focuses on producing high-quality clothing that’s made to last. It may mean buying less, but it also means buying better clothing that you can use for the years to come. 

Having a lesser amount of high-quality clothing over large quantities of fast fashion products is more cost-effective and helps you reduce your carbon footprint in the long run. 

Organise your wardrobe

When building a sustainable wardrobe, the first step is organisation. Start by creating a capsule wardrobe consisting of clothing you love and makes sense for your lifestyle. You can mix and match these clothing with one another to create several outfits.

To make your own capsule wardrobe, start by going through each item of clothing in your closet and divide them into two categories: keep and clutter. 

Put everything you love, wear often and you think you can still use during and after pregnancy into your ‘keep’ pile. The remaining clothes that you never wear or don’t fit anymore should be included in your ‘clutter’ pile. 

Now that you have your ‘keep’ pile, it’s time to further divide them into subcategories. You can categorise them into nursing clothes, basics, workwear or lounge clothing. The categories will really depend on your lifestyle. If you find that you don’t have enough pieces in a subcategory, have a think and ask yourself if you need to add more. 

Getting dressed is much easier when you have a capsule wardrobe as you know that the options you have are the ones that truly suit your needs. Doing this may seem like a daunting and time-consuming task, but this will really help you declutter your space, reduce overconsumption and avoid impulse buying. 

Research the brand

You probably have your favourite fashion brands, but do you actually know if their products are ethically manufactured or made with eco-friendly materials? Knowing the brand you’re associated with is essential in building a more sustainable wardrobe. 

Start by researching the brand. Check out their website, social media pages and product labels to see if they’re using sustainable materials. A sustainable and eco-friendly brand is transparent about how its products are made. 

Knowing the brand well before purchasing is crucial to know if your values match their principles. If you’re still unsure after researching, you can email the brand directly and ask them questions about their sustainability and ethical practices. 

These are just a few ways on how to start being more sustainable in your clothing choices. Keep in mind that you don’t have to abruptly make huge changes in your fashion habits to start an eco-friendly lifestyle. Start by changing your mindset, make eco-conscious decisions and have a positive attitude towards the environment. 

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