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Sustainable Maternity Pieces For Every Mum

Our Story

Hello Beautiful Mumma! I’m Chantal, the founder of Kate Douglas Maternity.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours, though not a simple problem to solve, was something that we deeply care about: fashion production has taken a toll on our environment.

Even before we started the Kate Douglas Maternity clothing line, my husband Justin and I have already been big advocates for slow fashion. While fast fashion has tricked us into thinking that clothing must be manufactured quickly and disposed of just as fast, it’s easy to see its negative effects on the environment. Therefore, as consumers, we did our part by supporting brands that value the environment and their people.

We took it a step further in 2020.

Justin and I decided to start Kate Douglas Maternity with a vision that it will be a slow fashion brand for mums. We wanted to give mums and mums-to-be like you access to clothes that are stylish, eco-friendly and ethically manufactured.

Instead of mass-producing garments, we looked for partners that will help us produce maternity and breastfeeding pieces that are durable, high-quality and made to last.Finding partners with the same vision proved to be difficult, but not impossible.

Finding Our Partners

While Justin was working as a pilot, we started looking for factories to help us bring our vision to life. My husband was (and still is) particularly invested and excited at the chance to be part of a journey that’s been stereotypically delegated to women.

He was excited to be a part of something bigger than both of us.

At first, he found several factories in the city of Guangzhou in China. Unfortunately, most of them had rows and rows of workers that looked unhappy with what they’re doing.

But he didn’t give up. He continued to ask around and met a staff member at the hotel he was staying at who knew a garment manufacturer. Following the lead and hoping for the best, Justin set up a visit to the factory.

From the moment he walked into this little factory, Justin knew he hit the jackpot. The staff was laughing, sharing jokes and singing along with the music. They were happily doing their job. And for a brand founded with love, it was the perfect match.

The owner Yu-ping Huang and her husband Gui-Lian have been working in factories since they were teenagers. They have also worked for a number of multinational brands. 14 years ago, they finally decided to open their own factory with the help of family members and friends.

And this is where it all began.

When I visited the factory, I felt the same warmth and affinity with the staff. I was amazed to see how passionate they are about their work. They shared stories on how they started working in the clothing industry and how they love creating beautiful and high-quality pieces for mums and mums-to-be.

Finding a manufacturer that matches our goals and principles is essential for us. And we are happy that we have found this group of people that values sustainability and fair labour, and continuously help turn our ideas into reality.

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